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Adam founded Type Foundry in 1998. He has recorded, mixed & produced such artists as M. Ward, Fleet Foxes, Jonathan Richman, Blind Pilot, Decemberists, Sallie Ford, Mirah, Ural Thomas & The Pain, Jolie Holland, Peter Buck (REM), Black Prairie, Laura Gibson, Weinland, She & Him, Loch Lomond, Builders & Butchers, Langhorne Slim, Portland Cello Project, Alela Diane, Laura Veirs, and many more.

For a selected discography, please CLICK HERE. In addition to recording, Adam founded the band Norfolk & Western who released several albums and toured with the likes of Sparklehorse, Devotchka and Iron & Wine. He has played, and toured with M. Ward and is also a founding member of Alialujah Choir.

Adam continues to record and mix at his home studio, as well as freelance at various Portland facilities.



Jason has been part of Type Foundry since late 2000. Jason studied recording and electronic music at the Evergreen State College, eventually interning at Yoyo Studio where he worked with bands such as The Mountain Goats, The Need, and The Microphones, as well as participated in live recording of two YoYo A Go Go festivals. He has recorded numerous records at Type Foundry and elsewhere, including projects by Moon Duo, The Decemberists, Grails, Scout Niblett, The Estranged, and Blue Cranes, Holy Sons, among many others. His work spans a wide variety of genres from indie-pop to Americana to jazz, out/experimental and punk. You can visit his Soundcloud page HERE for samples of his work.

As a live sound engineer, he has toured the world extensively for acts such as Matthew DearÓlafur Arnalds, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Cibo Matto, Portland Cello Project, and HTRK. He also works as a house engineer at one of Portland’s finest venues – Mississippi Studios.

In 2014 he designed and started teaching a live sound curriculum for teens through Young Audiences called Live SET (Sound Engineering for Teens).

Since 2012 Jason has worked for Portland area music festival Pickathon first in charge of broadcast mixing and recording the festival, and since 2016 as one of the audio coordinators for the festival.

Jason continues to mix from his home studio, as well as freelance at various studios.

Jason’s personal professional page is HERE.



While Dylan has a broad background in the music industry – Badman Recording Co. label founder, studio owner, and music biz lecturer – his true love is recording, producing and mixing records. His varied credits include Fleet Foxes, Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon / Red House Painters), Thao Nguyen & Portland Cello Project, The Builders and the Butchers, Lovers, Starfucker and The Mother Hips. He has been a partner at Type Foundry since 2006.

In speaking of producing and the process of recording, Dylan states, “My goal is to have a band or artist leave with an album that is beyond their expectations. Getting energy and the live, original feel of the songs onto tape (or the computer) is essential. I’m a big believer in spending time with the band before they get into the studio (if they are looking for that) and bouncing ideas around that may add a little something stronger to the songs. In the end it’s all about getting remarkable songs down and having the artist be excited about their album.”

“Badman founder Dylan Magierek, who has shown his recording skill by making Mark Kozelek’s solo material ring somehow far fuller than one thought vocals, an acoustic guitar, and some AC/DC covers might possibly sound, can again take a deep bow here. It would be wonderful if everything Badman put out was recorded by Magierek…” – Dusted Magazine

Dylan continues to record and mix in various studios around Portland.




Jeremy recorded bands at school, in his basement and later at the Portland Robot Steakhouse before joining Type Foundry in 2002. Drawn to recording through an interest in hi-fi and electronics, Jeremy enjoys the challenge of satisfying the specific vision of the band, if not faithfully re-creating the aural aspect of a live performance.

Jeremy left the Type Foundry fold in early 2015, and now has a mobile set up which he uses to record bands wherever. He is also available for freelance work at local studios.